Church San Juan de el Hospital


Improving information on San Juan del Hospital

To improve the information provided to visitors, It has placed a new signage in San Juan del Hospital -in Castilian and English. In the church, a small individualized gussets placed in a small flat object or hood and name the author (or advocation) si lo tiene...


We celebrate the Feast of San Antonio Abad

Last Sunday 14 January, We celebrate the Feast of San Antonio Abad few days in advance, since his feast day is Wednesday 17. Al finalizar la Misa de 12h, y ante la expectación de todos los niños, tuvo lugar la tradicional Bendición de animales domésticos en...

Blessing of animals

Blessing of animals by San Antonio Abad

Next Sunday 14 January to the end of Mass 12h, (about the 12:30h) and on the occasion of the upcoming feast of San Antonio Abad, will be the Blessing of pets. The Feast of San Antonio Abad celebration is the 17 January. In the Valencian community...

Residence L´Acollida

Kings visited the residence L'Acollida

Magi visited the residence L'Acollida, where volunteers from San Juan del Hospital involved to accompany the elderly throughout the year. The Magi and their pages, along with the volunteers , They did spend a very entertaining and endearing little older than...


Youth Choir San Juan del Hospital

You like to sing?Do you want to meet new people? Do you want to join the Choir of San Juan del Hospital? Is 2018 We wanted to resume an old tradition: the Youth Choir of San Juan del Hospital. We plan to try 1 hour per week, Sundays 19:00 to 20:00h and then to...

wise men

The Magi from the East visit San Juan

Yesterday 6 January Fiesta de Reyes, in celebration of the Epiphany, Their Majesties the Kings of the East Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, along with their pajes, on his pilgrimage around the world made a stop in San Juan del Hospital to share with us...

wise men

Epiphany of the Lord

Saturday 6 January we celebrate the Epiphany: Mass of children (12h) come SS. MM. the three wise men. The Epiphany of the Lord: time in which, According to the Gospel, some magicians of East came to Jerusalem asking "where is the King of them Jewish that just of birth?"? Why...


Feast of the Holy Family and the royal pages

Sunday 31 celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family and a consecration of families was performed at every Mass, In addition, 12h at Mass, there was a blessing in which grandparents were handed out chocolates. The Royals have been pajes day 31 December and...


Day 31 Sunday. Feast of the Holy Family

Sunday 31 celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family and Rite families be performed every Mass. In addition, 12h at Mass, there will be a blessing -in the presence of grandparents grandchildren- and at the end they will be distributed chocolates. We also Midnight Mass (24 h) to give thanks for...


Pages of the Magi

Sunday 31 December and Monday 1 January (Days of Obligation), After the mass of 12 h, Jack of S.S.M.M. the Three Wise Men will collect the letters of children with their requests before the day 6.