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Barbecue friends

New training session for dating and marriage

The Friday 26 from May to the 21 h have a new training session for boyfriends and imparted marriages Celia Zafra. It will be based on scenes from the movie "Barbecue friends" Éric Lavaine, a movie with a touch of humor and lightness, in which he sees the...

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the winner 2

Communication and equality

Next Friday 24 March at 21 h have a new training session for boyfriends and imparted marriages Celia Zafra. Based on the film “The winner” Jane Anderson, discussed various scenes. As in the previous session, It promises a very interesting and enriching dialogue around...

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failures 2017

Our “cycle hangouts” It opens with the Fallas

Next Saturday 11 March started one “cycle hangouts” San Juan hospital which opens with FAILURES and who are invited those who want to join with friends s. The plan is as follows: at 13h we will leave for mascletá to 14.30 there will be “pizzada”...

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Fire tests in marriage

Next Friday 24 February to the 21 h will have a new session continuity -held by Celia Zafra- directed to engaged and married. All human beings live tests, something that also happens in marriages. These are circumstances that happen in life and...

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benediction boyfriends

Blessing Grooms

The next 14 February is commemorated Valentine, long associated to “Valentine's Day”. For this reason, The next sunday 12 February, After the mass of 12, the couple made some requests and the priest will give a special blessing to them. We take this celebration...

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Blessing of vehicles the day of San Cristóbal

Next Sunday 10 July is held San Cristobal, pattern of drivers. Like last year, to the 12,30 After the mass of children and to ask the Saint for their protection, be bless all types of present wheeled vehicles, as well as the keys of the...

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Young couple sitting on sofa

The “areas of autonomy” in marriage

Next Friday 22 April to the 21 h s. Juan de el Hospital taught a session of training for couples, within the classes of continuity. All couples it is normal that there is unity and autonomy zones, but it is important to determine them with a good...

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master and commander

Anthropology for young people: “obstacles to friendship”

  Next Friday 19 February to the 20.30 h will be held a new session of the cycle of anthropology for young people “Interpersonal relationships”, by D. Vicente Huerta. The theme will be “The obstacles to friendship” and it will be supported in various fragments of film “Master & Commander”, interpreted...

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