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God exists

Conference: Is there really God or we invented?

On Thursday 19 October at 20.30, We continue with the lecture series: “IT IS REASONABLE TO BELIEVE”, in which subjects is about faith, the society, the pain, if there is something after death, if there was Jesus Christ etc..impartidas by professional experts who will address the issue raised in each session. This...

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Day data collection

Day data collection laser scanner

Tuesday was held in San Juan a day of data collection by architects and civil engineers. A day in which, using an advanced laser scanner records and techniques of mass information, get a cloud of millions of points and scanning photographs...

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Virgen del Pilar

12 October – NTRA. SRA. del Pilar

Thursday 12 October the Feast of Our held. SRA. del Pilar. Patrona de la Hispanidad. Festive. I do not precept. According to a revered tradition, the Blessed Virgin Mary manifested itself in Zaragoza on a column or pillar, visible sign of its presence. This tradition found its expression in worship...

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Rosaries gift to children

Saturday 7 October is celebrated the Virgen del Rosario, advocation that refers to the recitation of the Rosary that the very Mother of God asked to be disseminated to obtain abundant graces. For this reason, on Sunday 8 October after 12am Mass, It will be given away...

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San Juan del Hospital forTUR VLC

We participate in the second edition of forTUR_VLC, II Tourism Forum

San Juan del Hospital has participated in the second edition of forTUR_VLC, II Tourism Forum, held last 26 September in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia. On the occasion of World Tourism Day, This meeting was the collaboration of the Valencian Agency of Tourism, the Board...

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Holy Land Pilgrimage 2018

The Church of San Juan del Hospital has organized a pilgrimage to the Holy Land 15 to the 22 March of the 2018. The trip to the Holy Land is an authentic pilgrimage to the roots of our Christian faith and to meet the Lord in their own land. JOHN PAUL II,...

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Holy Angels custodians

On Monday 2 October is the Feast of the Guardian Angels and also this day is 89 anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei, so solemn Masses will be held at 12pm and at 19pm Thanksgiving. In the second century the great sage...

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Our Lady of the web students

Feast of Our Lady of Students

Sunday 1 October we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Students. The actions envisaged are the following: 11:50h procession to the altar with the image of the Virgin, that will remain there throughout the day. 12:00h Mass Children. After the prayer of children will pray to the Virgin of...

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29 of September – STOS. Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael

Each 29 September the Catholic Church celebrates the feast three Archangels: San Miguel, San Gabriel and San Rafael. Of all the celestial spirits, They are the only ones who know the name and over which we have some references biográicas, of whom Scripture reveals unique missions...

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