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Novena and Feast of Cristo de las Penas

Tomorrow Saturday 25 March- the Novena begins the Christ of Sorrows, that will end your holiday, next day 2 of April (V Sunday of Lent). Every day, 19h after Mass, his prayer will be recited: Prayer to the Christ of the Holy Christ Penas...

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failures 2017

Our “cycle hangouts” It opens with the Fallas

Next Saturday 11 March started one “cycle hangouts” San Juan hospital which opens with FAILURES and who are invited those who want to join with friends s. The plan is as follows: at 13h we will leave for mascletá to 14.30 there will be “pizzada”...

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Soparet, Novena and Feast of Cristo de las Penas

Last Saturday 25 February celebrate the traditional soparet of Christ and penalties, on the occasion of the next imposition of the medal 11 new members. We met over 60 people (parent, children, grandchildren…) and we could see images of the procession last year, in an environment...

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mc ash

Ash Wednesday

  Next Wednesday 1 March is Ash Wednesday and Lent begins. Ash will be imposed on all Mass of San Juan del Hospital on this day. It is a day in which Christians live fasting (take one full meal a day and 2...

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offering web

The Greater Falleras make your offering to Santa Barbara the day 26

Next Sunday 26 February, Valencia Falleras Seniors (2017) Raquel Alario and Clara Parejo, they will continue the tradition of making an emotive offering to the patron saint of the Fireworks, Santa Barbara, going along with their Courts of Honor to the Church of San Juan del Hospital the day...

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Fire tests in marriage

Next Friday 24 February to the 21 h will have a new session continuity -held by Celia Zafra- directed to engaged and married. All human beings live tests, something that also happens in marriages. These are circumstances that happen in life and...

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Boxing 1 SJH

A curiosity of the past

According to a local publication collects then signed by Mario Fontalba, in the courtyard of our Church took place years has a curious boxing match. Apparently, during the War of Succession (1701-1713) Valencia was important and belligerent area. They fought in that war, which then Bourbon...

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Blessing and presentation of children

Next Thursday 2 February we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple of Jerusalem after birth and the Purification of Mary. This festival coincides with the celebration of the Virgen de la Candelaria, Marian devotion that originated in Tenerife (Spain). his...

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violet bouquet

“The sprig of violets”

With this suggestive title, next Friday 27 from January to the 21 hours will have a new session aimed at dating and/or marriage given by Dª Celia Zafra. The talk addressed this set of small details that build day-by-day any relationship and marriage: the tenderness,...

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