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Sunday 20 of May, Solemnity of Pentecost

Pentecost in which the Holy Spirit descended in tongues of fire upon the disciples of Our Lord, It makes us attend the great manifestation of God's power, with which the Church began its journey among nations. "When the day of Pentecost, They were...

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helpless virgin

Festividad of the Virgin of the Forsaken

Blessed Virgin Mary mother of the Forsaken, patroness of Valencia. “The Virgin of the Forsaken” The Geperudeta also called referring to the slightly bent position assumed. Among the Valencians there is great devotion to this invocation of the Virgin. Program of events for the Festival...

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Virgin student-1

Party "mig any" of the Virgin of students

Sunday 6 May we celebrate the feast of “me any” Virgin of students with children and adults, all students!. After the Mass 12h children all go to pray the picture of the Virgin. In the afternoon and after Mass 20h, young people will pray...

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1 of May – San jose worker

On Tuesday 1 May the Feast of San José Obrero is celebrated. Festive. I do not precept. The Church remembers this feast the human and supernatural value of work, offering all the example and patronage of San José. Our work, with your help, You must leave our hands as...

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Feast of St Mark the Evangelist

On Wednesday 25 April is the Feast of San Marcos Evangelista. Author of the second Gospel, Its symbol is the winged lion. He is patron of lawyers and notaries. San Marcos is Jewish in Jerusalem, he accompanied Paul and Barnabas, of first, Antioquia on the first trip...

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Saint George

Saint George, Holy Pope

Each 23 April the Church celebrates the Feast of San Jorge, the holy Pope Francisco, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who it is also Patron of Weapons Cavalry Army Argentina, birthplace of the Holy Father. It is also patron of many cities and countries: England, Aragon, Georgia, Genoa, Moscow, Portugal, Cáceres,...

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From everywhere…

Gifty and Eric made prenuptial courses in San Juan del Hospital. next day get married 28 April in their country, Ghana. Les home Gifty's brother who is a priest. They came to say goodbye and to ask you to pray for them. In the last picture appear...

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Virgen del Milagro 2018

Feast of the Virgen del Milagro

Next Thursday 19 April we celebrate the Feast of the Virgen del Milagro and 19pm will be a solemn Mass in his honor. The Virgen del Milagro presides over the presbytery of the Church, It is a polychrome stone sculpture made in the year 1974 by José Esteve Edo....

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Anniversary of the death of the Empress Constanza Hohenstaufen

Next Sunday 15 April at 19pm Mass will be held at the Empress Hohenstaufen suffrage and all the deceased benefactors. It is the anniversary of the death (+1307) of the Empress Augusta of Greece, Constance Hohenstaufen, Lady of Aragon and Castile, who it was buried in the...

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San Vicente Ferrer

Feast of San Vicente Ferrer

On Monday 9 April we celebrate the feast of St. VICENTE FERRER, principal patron of Valencia, where we go with special devotion (holy day of obligation in Valencia). Saddened by the disunity within the Church, San Vicente suddenly felt the urge to Providence...

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