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Feast of St. Joseph

On Monday 19 March we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, fair male, born of the lineage of David, which doubled power to the Son of God, Christ Jesus. The paternity of San Jose reaches not only to Jesus, but...

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In the “Hangouts cycle” We talk about personal brand…

In the “Hangouts cycle” aimed at young professionals, next Thursday 22 March at 20.30 hours, Guijarro Luis Hernandez will talk about Visibility, Personal brand Positive influence on Linkedin. It can help expand your contacts, ganar visibilidad en la red y crear imagen de Marca...

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Coexistence or sinvivencia

Chat – colloquium: “Laughter and humor in marriage”

Like last month we finally could not accompany Nacho Galdon, financial advisor and Leticia Valldecabres, elementary school teacher, next Friday 23 March at 21 h resumed the lecture-: “Laughter and humor in marriage”, in which we will give some “tips” that help in everyday life...

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A visit from Vannes

The past 7 March a group of faithful of the city of Vannes visited S. Juan de el Hospital. They came on a pilgrimage in the footsteps of S. Vicente Ferrer. He died in that city holy and 2019 they will become true 600 years of that event. Were Bishop, the Dean of...

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V Anniversary of the election of Pope Francisco

It's been five years since the 13 March of 2013 Pope elected Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. Pope Francisco will celebrate the fifth anniversary of his election Tuesday in private, like all years. To their 81, culminates the first half with a striking inner peace and fullness of...

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salon – Testimony

Next Saturday 10 March at 20h, we have the chance to visit Pietro dithane. Pietro model will dictate Profession. He graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. Son of an Italian father and Spanish mother, stumbling on stumbling, of disappointment in...

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New Baptismal Font

The church of San Juan del Hospital was never parish, (except for a very short period of time, and one house), but within it was located, temporarily, the military chapel. It christenings were conducted; (in fact it found a document from s. XIX...

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Replica of the Virgen del Milagro

They've been doing tests to see how the color looked the replica of the Virgen del Milagro to natural light, the bottom…etc. Restorer Mar Sabate is policromando sculpture. Varnishing and still missing some detail. You can see the whole process of the realization of the...

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reset spiritual

"Reset" spiritual

Tired and eager to recommence? Sometimes we lead a fast life, especially if you live in a city and do not have time or think, meditation or retrain. This "reset" spirit can help. You are invited to this Saturday morning - next 3 March of 10:30h...

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Fallas begin 2018 the offering to Santa Barbara

To the 7 of Sunday morning, They began the official acts of the Fallas 2018 San Juan del Hospital with offering to Santa Barbara, Patroness of pyrotechnic. The rector, D. Carlos Cremades said a few words to Senior Falleras Valencia (Rocío Gil and...

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