Cristo de las Peñas



The Pastoral of the liturgy of St. John Hospital takes place under the patronage of the Cristo de las Peñas. The faithful who collaborate in this task attempt to dignify the liturgy at San Juan de el Hospital, in a particular manner the Holy week and spread devotion to Christ on Calvary.

In the 14th century there was already the confraternity of the most Holy Christ of Sorrows, very venerated in Valencia. Among other works, his ordeal took care of the most needy in prison prisoners. Let be be sure that news of the brotherhood in 1767, and in 1829 Chapel. From 1993 turns to celebrate the Christ of Sorrows procession on the night of Holy Thursday.

The Cristo de las Peñas is an anonymous sculpture of century XII or XIV which replaces the primitive image of the Cristo de las Peñas, which was destroyed in 1937. The image that is venerated today was acquired by the first rector of the Church in 1967 When the temple was restored and returned to the cult.

Prayer to the Christ of Sorrows

Santísimo Cristo de Peñas: We pray for all people in the world suffer from the consequences of sin, so you cures the sick, you give food to those who suffer from hunger, you free of injustice to the persecuted, redeem to prisoners, you grant to return home to emigrants and exiles, you protect those who travel and give salvation to the dying. It especially protects those suffering from family violence, closure and division; especially the children who have been wounded or shocked.

Your, comfort those who mourn and strength of those who suffer, hears the prayers of those who call upon you in their distress and make them feel the help of your mercy. Amen.

(Taken from the prayer of the faithful in the liturgy of good Friday and the prayer of Pope Francis by families. Ecclesiastical licensed)

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