Church San Juan de el Hospital

The Rosary of the Aurora comes to San Juan

Every Sunday of the year (except on Easter Sunday) the image of the Virgin out of a church in Valencia to the 7 in the morning and goes in procession chanting is the Rosary into another Church. This year, the Rosary of the Aurora enters San...

Pilgrimage of the ancient Guild of the Christ of Sorrows

Last Saturday 16 may, a large group of people of the ancient Guild of the Christ of Sorrows approached the NTRA Hermitage. SRA. ALFINACH AND THE CHRIST OF THE VALLEY OF THE MONASTERIES, to participate in the traditional pilgrimage at this time. The attendance was very...

Feast of Beato Alvaro – 12 may

Next Tuesday 12 may of 2015 held for the first time the feast of the blessed Alvaro del Portillo, successor of Saint Josemaría Escrivá at the head of Opus Dei. On the occasion of important anniversaries, Solemn mass will be held at 19’00 h., held by the vicar general of...

Palm Sunday

Departure from San Juan of the procession of the Royal Brotherhood of Jesus in the column


Palm Sunday

Beginning of the procesión del Domingo de Ramos in San Juan de el Hospital


Father Francisco – Daily Gospel

FATHER FRANCISCO 10 REQUESTS TO READ THE GOSPEL DAILY (Download in pdf) 1. Do you read the Gospel? It is a good thing; is a good thing to have a small Gospel, small, and take it with us, in the Pocket, in the bag, and read a short passage at any time of the day. In...


An offering to Santa Barbara

The Fallera Mayor of the year 2015 We have visited, accompanied by her Court of Honor to make the traditional offering of flowers to Santa Barbara, Patron Saint of the Fireworks.