St. John the Baptist

San Juan Bautista is the head of the Church of San Juan del Hospital.St. John the Baptist

The sculpture of San Juan Bautista is located on the right side of the presbytery. It's an image in bronze whose author is Alfredo Biagini (Italy, 1886), Italian naturalist school.

It was donated to the Church of San Juan de el Hospital de Valencia by the Infante of Spain D. Ludwig of Bavaria, carrying out its delivery the 14 July of 1970.

The Church of San Juan of the Hospital was founded in the year 1238 by the Knights of the order military of San Jual of the Hospital of Jerusalem. In their early years they accepted the advocation of Saint John the Almsgiver, Patriarch of Antioch, but they established their first hospital next to the houses of the priests attending the Temple in Jerusalem, as Zacarias, father of John the Baptist. For this reason they took their dedication as patronage.


Prayer of Saint John the Baptist

(For all the days of his ninth)

Lord Jesus Christ, you said San Juan Bautista that there was another larger born of woman, but the child of your Kingdom was larger than the, grant us, through his intercession, that we are so brave and bold as John so, in fulfilling our baptismal commitments we undertake with our lives and with our words an apostolate that renew and boost the Christian life of many people of all ages, professions and social conditions. We live in such a way our Christian vocation in the usual activities of each day that others recognize you as the true lamb who takes away the sins of the world and go after de Ti. You live and Queens with Dios Padre in the unity of the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen.

(Ecclesiastical licensed)

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