Virgen del Milagro

The image of the Virgin of the miracle, who chairs the presbytery is a stone sculpture Virgen del Milagro (presbiterio)painted in the year 1974 by José Esteve Edo. It's an enlarged replica of the original sculpture of the Virgin of the miracle of this church, and that is from the year 1939 in the Diocesan Museum of the Seo in Valencia, from el Hospital de San Juan. The original image was brought in the year 1238 by the Knights of the Orden de San Juan de Jerusalén during the conquest of Valencia (a nearly identical replica is preserved in Sangüesa).

Another second image of the Virgin of the miracle is in the chapel of the transit (as soon as it enters the enclosure by the ratchet street of Knights, to the right) It is a replica made by José Luis Roig.

The Constitution of the ancient Brotherhood of the Virgin of the miracle was approved by Bishop D. Hugo de Fenollet the 30 April of 1356. It would be subsequently confirmed by King Pedro IV, who included her in a Royal privilege given in Valencia the 10 of June of 1371.


Virgen del Milagro, I come to ask your mother amparo, your loving protection of Lady and Queen of mercy. Please attend me in my needs, you protect with your supplicant power that I love and those who implore your unique sponsorship. Fidelisima Virgin, that the doctrine of your divine son lights up my life, and with the testimony of my good works possible triumph in the world the Kingdom of Christ; ignites the flame of brotherly love that makes me be more my fellow brother and sow the good in this world. The grace that I ask you with filial piety always know my hope in the daily struggles and that by your loving protection of mother grant me (ask). Amen.

(Taken from the prayer to the Virgin of the miracle of Salta. Ecclesiastical licensed)


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