1 of May – San jose worker

The Tuesday 1 may is held the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. Festive. I do not precept.

The Church remembers this feast the human and supernatural value of work, offering all the example and patronage of San José. Our work, with your help, You must leave our hands as a most pleasing offering to the Lord, become prayer.
The origin of the feast of St. Joseph the Worker goes back to 1 May 1955. That day, Rome was buzzing with people coming from many parts of the world, and in the Eternal City he seemed to run a new air, newly released. It was a multitudinous and joyous gathering of more than 200.000 workers with Pope Pius XII. The same day, 1 May 1955, in the beautiful setting of St. Peter's Square filled with workers, Pope proclaimed the Labor Party, and the calendar of the universal Church was born the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, patron of workers.

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