12 October – Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Thursday 12 October the Feast of Our held. SRA. del Pilar. Patrona de la Hispanidad. Festive. not precept.

According to a revered tradition, the Blessed Virgin Mary manifested itself in Zaragoza on a column or pillar, visible sign of its presence. This tradition found its cultural expression in the Mass and the Office which, for Spain, Clement XII he decreed. Pius VII raised the liturgical feast category. Pío XII gave all South American nations the opportunity to celebrate the same Mass that was celebrated in Spain.

Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Three peculiar features They are characterizing Ntra. SRA. del Pilar and distinguish it from other Marian devotions:
The first It is that it is an extraordinary coming of the Virgin during his mortal life.
The second constitutes the column or the same Lady Pilar brought upon him for the first chapel was built that, in fact, It would be the first Marian shrine in Christendom.
And the third is pilarista linking tradition with the Jacobean tradition (Santiago de Compostela); thus, Zaragoza and Compostela, the Pilar and Santiago, They have constituted the fundamental axes around which for centuries has turned the spirituality of Spain.
 The day 12 October of 1492 It was precisely when the three caravels of Cristóbal Colón sighted the unknown lands of America, which has led to the Virgen del Pilar it has been proclaimed as patroness of Hispanidad, constituting the best symbol of union among the peoples of the old and new continent. His feast is celebrated with great pomp in all Spanish-speaking countries and especially in the city of Zaragoza, where thousands of people coming from around the world perform a mass floral offering to the Virgin.

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