29 of August: Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist

Each 29 of August the Catholic Church commemorates the Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist -holder of our church-, who he was decapitated by announcing and denouncing the truth. John the Baptist is the only saint in the Church who is celebrating his birth (24 June) and death through martyrdom.

The story of the death of San Juan Bautista is in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 6, of the 17 to the 29, in which narrates the banquet given by Herod on his birthday, where Salome danced, daughter of Herodias, his brother's wife with whom he had an adulterous relationship.San Juan

 According to the Gospel story, “Herod had ordered John the Baptist prisoner put, and she had been chained to prison, because of Herodias, his brother's wife Filipos, with which Herod had gone to live in free union. For John said to Herod: 'It is not allowed to go live with the wife of his brother'. Herodias had a great hatred for this to John the Baptist and wanted to kill, but could not because Herod had a deep respect for John and considered him a holy man, and protected him and hear him speak remained thoughtful and fearful, and listened willingly”.

The dance was so pleased Herod that he promised the young cumplirle any desire. That's why she, at the suggestion of his mother, He asks the head of John the Baptist, which it was delivered on a tray.

St. John the Baptist, martyr of truth

The 30 August of 2012, Benedicto XVI dedicated his catechesis of the general audience to this report. “The Church celebrates the memory of the Martyrdom of San Juan Bautista today, the forerunner of Jesus, which bears witness with their blood their fidelity to God's commandments. His life teaches us that when the existence is based on prayer, on a consistent and solid relationship with God, the courage to let Christ guide our thoughts and our actions is acquired”, He said.

Benedicto XVI stressed that “celebrate the martyrdom of St. John the Baptist we also reminds us, Christians of our time, it can not descend to negotiate with the love of Christ, His Word, to the true. Truth is truth and there is no compromise”.

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