4 November – San Carlos Borromeo

The next Wednesday 4 November the Church celebrates the Feast of San Carlos Borromeo, the Patron Saint of San Juan Pablo II and closely linked to the life of the Polish Pontiff. Patron of catechists and seminarians.

He was a friend of Saint Pius V, San Francisco de Borja, San Felipe Neri, San Felix de Cantalicio and San Andrés Avelino and several other saints. He died young and poor, having greatly enriched many with grace. …… died saying: “I'm going, Mr, I'm going”. San Carlos Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan and Cardinal, he was a saint who took the words of Jesus very seriously; “Who saves his life, he loses it, but he who spends his life for me, will win it”.

The Rector of our Church celebrates its saint: CONGRATULATIONS D. Carlos!. This year you cannot invite us to a “picaeta” due to Covid, pero por lo menos los niños después de la Misa del domingo, They will have lollipops instead of lollipops.

And don't forget to ask for him and for all the Carlos and Carolinas!


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