92 children receive catechesis in San Juan de el Hospital

Throughout the course 2016/17, a group of 92 boys and girls they go every week to the catechesis el Hospital de San Juan, as preparation to receive their first communion. The catechesis hard two years, by what in the next month of mayo approximately the half will receive this Sacramento.

M. Luisa of the V. is the Coordinator of this activity, and the head of that catechists and mothers to be involved as much as possible for who, When the great day comes, the children and the girls are well prepared and willing to receive to Jesus.

catechesis-3At the moment they are approximately 40 the people who taught catechesis or collaborate with the 26 groups of children you attend a catechesis. Tere D. is the person in charge of prepare catechists, who meet regularly with her for develop contents and Didactics of sessions. Is takes as a basis the text approved by the Conference Episcopal Spanish, trying to of that the liturgy annual is the thread conductor of the content, for the children to learn to celebrate the faith with the year liturgical: the creation – Christmas (birth of Jesus) – Lent (coinciding with the 1st confession)- Week Holy and Easter (Passion, death and resurrection of Jesus)-First communions.

catechesis-4catechesis-5On the other hand, Ana P. each month has a training session with mothers -accompanied by a snack- to review with them the contents of the faith, Since it is essential to live it together in family. Is makes special emphasis in the importance of assist of form common to the mass Sunday with them children.

In a Monday normal of catechesis is the priest who gets to all the children in the Church and, After a quick “contest”, one of the groups should pray an our father and Hail Mary like initiation of catechesis.

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