Nave central S. John H. stocking

The Church of San Juan of the Hospital of Valencia is open to all the people that wish to approach is topray, receive the sacraments or listen to the Word of God. He Pope Francisco us has asked open the doors to "Jesus can leave", encouraging the laity to "remain in Jesus, go to the confines and live the joy of the Christian membership" (Rome, 2014).

In San Juan de el Hospital have always given great importance also to the social work developed by voluntari@s, trying to of bring us to so many people and families that are found in situations of need or exclusion. You can inform yourself also in our web of them activities of volunteering made from the Church.

Finally, We are aware of to develop this task pastoral and social in a enclave historical of great value artistic and cultural, that is always open for all those who wish to know and visit him. In our web you can find information abundant about the Church and the joint historical.

Below we provide some links to information about activities that is also accessible from elsewhere on the web.


Catechesis first communion

Post-Communion Catechesis



Pre-marital workshops

Spiritual retreats

Family formation

Adult confirmation

confirmation of youth 

Adult baptism 

Elderly and sick

Camino de Santiago pilgrims

Music Chapel