ancient invocations of saints in San Juan of the Hospital

As we are in November it is a month dedicated to All Saints, I want to tell the different invocations of saints who were in the Church of San Juan of the Hospital. Also the relics are currently in San Juan and some of them we can see them in a glass case located in the Chapel of the Confesionarios.


St. John the Baptist: Headline

San Juan Evangelista: Benefit*

Santa Barbara with two chapels: the south side chapel of the presbytery, Original invocation from the s. XIV and Baroque chapel of the s. XVII, Juan Pérez Castiel work.

Sta Images. Barbara: three sculptures, an oil and several prints of the s. XVIII and XIX.

Attributed to Miguel Alcaniz. Detail of the altarpiece of the Ascension, Gil Vicente and san san. Metropolitan Museum. NY.

San Vicente Martir: Chapel of the Altarpiece of San Vicente and San Gil, currently at the Hispanic Society and the Metropolitan in New York.

San Vicente Ferrer: Altarpiece S. Vincent and S. Gil, currently Hispanic Society and Metropolitan N. York.

San Gil: Altarpiece S. Vincent and S. Gil, currently at the Hispanic Society and the Metropolitan in New York.

San Lorenzo: Table of the altarpiece of San Vte. and San Gil, currently at the Hispanic Society of New York and Metropolitan.

Santa Catalina Martir: Bernardo testament Dalmau- 7 may of 1273, notary Ramon Manzana

San Ferreol: Central chapel at the foot of the church, current input.

San Francisco: North of the chancel chapel or chapel of the Conde de Penalba, s royal butler. XIV.

Cosme and S. Damian: Chapel doctors, St. Josemaría currently

Peter Martyr: benefit

San Eloy: benefit

STA. Maria Magdalena. Oil

San Bernardo, benefit

Jaime Apostle, benefit

*Benefit: It was like a payment towards the church where he was to be, for this or that holy (or Christs or Virgin) the protegiera… etc. And often the beneficiary coasting image or picture of the saint chosen.

Something like when now responsible Masses, but more. There are even some benefits including a priest or monk who is who pray at this or that time or condition. It will even let.

RELIQUARY are currently in RELICS: (reliquaries s. XVII-XVIII-XIX)

St. John the Baptist

San Clemente Martir

STA. Urbana

San Wispy

San Coronado, martyr

San Provo

Stas. Repaired and Felicitas

Cabinet reliquaries in the Chapel of the Confesionarios

San Prospero, martyr

San Floro, martyr

San Letancio, martyr

San Zeno

San Benedicto, martyr

St. Justin, martyr

San Amadeo, martyr

San Potenciano

San Lorenzo, martyr

San Felix, martyr

San Basilio, martyr

San Damiano, martyr

San Eusebio, martyr

San Pablo VI

San Juan Pablo II

San Juan de Ribera

Saint Josemaría Escrivá

San Emiiio

San Roque

San Bernardo de Alzira

San Juan de Ávila

San Leandro

STA. Regina

Blessed Alvaro de Portillo

Bto. Brindisi

Bt. Catherina


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