Opening and blessing of the former medieval cemetery (Southern patio)

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The Friday 24 June will take place the partial opening and blessing of the urban area of the former medieval cemetery of S. Juan de el Hospital (S. XIII), commonly known as "South Patio". The event is organized following completion of a substantial phase of the project (Funeral Chapel, burial in the crypt of the Empress constancy of Greece and arco-solios) being pending new interventions for the rehabilitation of the spine of the Roman circus among others, until the end of the process of full restoration.

Recovery work has been carried out by a team of professionals from different disciplines in the field of the restoration, whose technical management has been in charge of the Institute of heritage restoration, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). This restoration puts value in the historic church of S. Juan de el Hospital, that account with a Historical and artistic Museum dedicated to promoting the restoration of the Assembly and retrieve damaged environments or parts plundered over time.


A treasure trove of Church in the city / Levante-emv

The order of events is as follows:

* To the 19 h: celebration of the Holy Mass by D. Antonio Cañizares, that will sing the chorus of parents Windward, El Vedat and Vilavella schools.

* To the 20 h: opening and blessing of the former cemetery, chaired by D. Federico bottle Castellets (President of the Foundation historical set in S. Juan de el Hospital de Valencia), in which intervene the architect responsible for the restoration project - Jorge García Valdecabres- and the current Rector of S. Juan de el Hospital, D. Carlos Sanz-Pastor Cremades.

* The Little singers of Valencia accompany us with their voices in a concert that will take place here with the following program:

Esurientes Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

If your sorrows I partake of Francisco Guerrero

Deposuit powerful Giovanni Battista Pergolessi

Kyrie Josef Rheinberger

Sanctus Josef Rheinberger

Pie Jesu Andrew Lloyd Weber

Heaving unfolding Andrea Ramsey

Bruremarjs Arr Tone Ophus

Bo Yavo Haboker Josef Hadar

Every breath you take Sting/The Police

With or without you Bono/U2

Mare Nostrum Josu Elberdin

Bonse Aba. Trd. Zambia C Victor. Johnson

Puff (The Magic Dragon) Peter Yarrow/Leonard Lipton

Rain Dance Karl Jenkins

Violin: GEMA García

Piano: Jesus Debon Alcodori

It directs: Carmina Moreno Llabata

Patio 1The importance of this Courtyard South lies in that it is a burial area of the S. XIII that still retains all its characteristics of medieval cemetery: arco-solios surrounding a small hospitalario-funeraria chapel with Gothic Cistercian cloister, called King d. Jaime I (half of the 13th century). The crypts and tombstones, the polychromatic shields, Corbels, ancient slabs and the remains of the Crusaders red crosses marked on the ashlars, they add interest to the enclosure. In this courtyard is also well described in the monograph on San Juan of the Hospital de Fernando Llorca Die - son-in-law of Vicente Blasco Ibañez- written at the beginning of the s. XX, as well as the entrance to the crypt of Sta. Barbara.

The opening ceremony is organized to coincide with the 50 Anniversary of the signing of an agreement between the Archdiocese of Valencia and the Prelature of Opus Dei (July 1966), for the rear opening to the worship of the Church in July of 1967. For this reason, the cardinal Archbishop of Valencia will celebrate mass at the 19 h in the Church.

The area of the former cemetery is mainly devoted to pastoral applications and will have a visitation schedule for which will be assisted by interns of the Art history degrees (UV) and Conservation and restoration of cultural property (UPV).

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