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The set of San Juan del Hospital, Temple and dependencies, It was declared a Museum site by the Ministry of culture, Education and science of the Generalitat Valenciana the 28 February's 1997. Previously, Since the 5 April of 1943, He had been declared a historic-artistic monument of national character (CFR. BOE 5.IV.1943).

This museum has committed to investigate and publicize the extraordinary value, art and history of this unique and venerable philatelists enclave of Valencia. Another of its objectives is to promote the restoration of the Assembly and, as far as possible, the recovery of damaged environments and parts plundered over time.

Many people have made in the Museum research case studies, end of career or academic history thesis projects, Paleopathology, Restoration, Archaeology, Fine arts and related subjects. It maintains a collaboration agreement with the University of Valencia and welcomes students in practices of end of career, interns and volunteers, receiving support from them as guides or researchers.

Although Church and Museum are the monumental indivisibly, It is important to differentiate the Museum (with its historical and cultural dimension) Church, with his pastoral activity, liturgical and religious.

Hours Museum Exhibition Room: of 09:30h a 13:30h from Monday to Friday.

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