What is baptism

Baptism is the sacrament by which we are reborn into the divine life, We are children of God and the original sin is forgiven us (inherited from Adam, Why are born deprived of grace).

Our parents gave us the natural life of the body, But God gives us the soul and we intended, In addition, a supernatural life. It is the first of the sacraments - because it is the door that opens access to others- and without it you can receive any other sacrament. Jesus Christ has revealed to us that it is necessary for salvation, and he was baptized by John on the banks of the Jordan. Despite having no sin, He wanted to receive the baptism to give example.

jesus baptized

Who can baptize

Ordinary way you can baptize Bishop, the priest and the deacon, but if necessary you can do it anyone who intends to do what you want with this act the Church.

How baptized is

To baptize children newly born or which have not reached the use of reason (minor's 7 years) parents must apply, aware that assuming the commitment to educate their children Christian, so it must declare his willingness to live as Christians.

The godparents must be greater of 16 years, having received the confirmation and have a consistent with faith Christian life. They can act as godparents: a single person (man or woman) or two: Godfather and godmother.

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