• The joy of love

Father Francisco (Editorial Word, 272 pages).

In e-book, ePub, Mobi and PDF: Vatican website:

The text is a reflection on the family written in a language accessible to allreaders. Title, “The joy of love”, alludes to the optimistic and positive look that the Pope gives tothe doctrine on the family, to help, encourage and stimulate marriages.

  • An original decision: guide to getting married in the Church

Nicolás Álvarez of the Asturias / Lucas book / Maria Alvarez of the Asturias(Editorial Word, 160 pages).

When you get married in the Church you want a Marriage with Denomination of Origin, like ham fromJabugo or Rioja wine. This little book contains a description of this juicyproduct that is at the origin of all imitations.

  • How to marry well, live happily and eat partridges

Ana Otte.Editorial Rialp, 158 pages.

The author offers a gallery of topics that should not be missing in the conversations between theboyfriends, and among the married: the honeymoon, the unforeseen, the division of tasks, mother in law, theimportance of maintaining friendships, the economy of the house and leisure time, the firstson, the first cool down and the lack of dialogue, boredom and infidelity… In short, how to take care of marriage so that love grows more and more.

  • Love is written with you

Javier Vidal-Quadras (Editorial Eiunsa-Teconte, 188 pages).

We all walk around with love. In the pages of this book there are scraps of life, hitsfrom experience, own and others, and reflections from many years of dedication tovarious activities about marriage.

  • Sex with soul and body

Jose Ignacio Munilla / Begoña Ruiz (Editorial Freshbook, 168 pages).

Jose Ignacio Munilla, Bishop of San Sebastián together with Begoña Ruiz, expert in educationsexual affective, They try to answer questions about dating, the relationshipspremarital and love in general.

  • pajamas for dos

Alfonso Basallo / Teresa Diez (Editorial Planeta Testimony, 240 pages).

Written by a journalist and a housewife, the work deals with the stages before and after themarriage and many other topics related to love between man and woman, how are thesexuality, fertility, The education of children, the critical stages and how to overcome them, thecurrent situation of the family and other unions, etc.


  • The first years of married life

  • Strengthen love: the value of difficulties

  • Articles on human love


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"The joy of love":

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