Welcome to Jorge Nava, new rector of San Juan del Hospital, on Friday 2 of September

Cardinal Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares, has appointed the new rector of San Juan del Hospital to the priest Jorge Nava Rodríguez. Replaces Carlos Cremades Sanz-Pastor in the position, who has been rector since 2014.
The Friday 2 of September, after the mass of 19 hours, there will be a reception on the south patio to say goodbye to don Carlos and welcome don Jorge.
Jorge Nava Rodríguez was ordained a priest on 1 September of 2002. The last four years he has been vicar of Opus Dei in Pamplona. previously, between 2007 and 2018, he was vicar of Opus Dei in Valencia. Born in 1958 in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas, He has a degree in Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a doctorate in Canon Law from the University of Navarra..

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