Music Chapel


Of the many initiatives that have emerged over the years in San Juan de el Hospital, one was the promotion of music in liturgical celebrations. Initially, he began playing the organ at any mass. Gradually offered voices to sing: young and old, clear and hoarse. The time has gone by filtering the voices and also still appear new and young voices contributing to dignify the ceremonies in praise to God.

When man praises God! These words are sufficient to express what it means to sing in a choir. Talking with God is something that goes beyond the limits of human language. For this reason, always, There has been an essential need: the help of music and song in praise of him who speak all the things.

The fish that live in the sea are silent, on the other hand the birds whose Habitat is the sky, sing. The authentic liturgy opens the man the depth of the sea with its silence and teaches her to fly at the height of the sky like birds to sing with the angels. Music helps us to pray and put our mind in God.

He who sings prays twice, because the singing not only moves the lips, but employing vocal, the lungs, the ears, the heart and the mind, and phrases that formula are beautiful melodies. And if you ever not come out as beautiful, the Holy Spirit leads them with unspeakable sighs to God's throne where they become glory.