Neo-Mudejar chapel

Church of San Juan del HospitalIn the decade of the 90 recovered in S. Juan del Hospital the area north of the historic complex, called North Patio or Via-crucis, plus the abandoned buildings attached to it.

The lower area was formed by primitive Gothic arches in poor condition and partitions. Some of them covered with climbing plants.

The new building required an archaeological intervention that led to the discovery of a section of the stands of the Roman circus of the Valentia of the s. III. Two or three years later it would appear, also in San Juan, the "thorn" of the circus.

Church of San Juan del HospitalTo preserve and access this site, a semi-basement was built, with double height, and was used as an auxiliary oratory of the church.

This oratory has a marked character according to the constructions of the time of the conquest: the mudejar, manganese green tiles, starry geometric figures, fluted windows…

Only the ceramic altarpiece behind the altar recovered the Christian charism, Mariano rather. A large group of angel sharks guard a beautiful carving from the s. XVIII brought from Huesca: Maria's image.