Celebration of the Feast of the “Exaltation of the Holy Cross”

The next Friday the 13 of September We celebrate the feast of the "Feast of the Cross". In San Juan del Hospital we retain a relic of the wood of the Cross where Our Lord Jesus Christ died "Lignum Crucis". It will be on display all day for the veneration of the faithful. At 19h Mass will be held in which participates Capilla del Cristo de las Penas ending with a blessing, then you will kiss the "Vera Cruz", then bless attendees. To the 20:30h Refrigerio for all friends of the Church of San Juan del Hospital.

King Jaime I received and lodged in Valencia to the Empress Constanza de Grecia - whose remains rest in San Juan of the Hospital-, who brought from Nicaea in his entourage the relics of Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara are preserved in our Church.

These fragments of the Lignum Crucis in multiple temples scattered all over the world, We owe to Santa Elena, mother of the Emperor Constantine, who between them years 325-327 traveled to Jerusalem and recovered for the Christianity the main relics related with the passion of the Lord.

La Cruz who exalts himself on this day is not so much suffering Jesus on Calvary, as the Christ's glorious rise to the father after beating death and save the world.
tree of the Cross

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