Celebration of the Virgen del Carmen

The Sunday 16 July connection with theFiesta de la Virgen del Carmen (in Spain is patroness of seafarers and the Spanish Armada)There will be Blessing and Imposition of scapulars After each mass..

THE HABIT of the Scapular

He scapular of the Carmen is a sign external of devotion Marian in the hope of your protection maternal and consists in the consecration to the Blessed Virgin Maria by it registration in it order Carmelite. The external sign of this registration or consecration is to take a small scapular, that often prevail in fabric or replaced with a medalla-escapulario. This medal should have on the one hand the image of Jesus with the heart, and on the other an image of the Virgin. The same as the fabric necklaces, You must be blessed by a priest.


At end of the 12th century or beginning of the 13th, I was born in Mount Carmel, of Palestine, the order of the Carmelites. They were soon forced to emigrate to the West, and in Europe were not very well received by all. For this reason, the Superior General of the order - Simón Stock- he insistently begged the Blessed Virgin for help. On 1251, the Virgin Mary, accompanied by a multitude of angels, It appeared to Simón Stock with the scapular of the order in his hands and said to him: “You and all them Carmelites will have the privilege of that who die with it not will suffer the fire eternal”; i.e., Whoever dies with the, will be saved.

Privilege sabatino

The scapular of the Carmen, In addition to the promise of salvation for those who die with it, also carries with it the call Saturday's privilege.

According to tradition, on the death of Clement V (1314) and during the conclave-that lasted two years and three months-, the Blessed Virgin appeared to the cardinal Jaime Duesa and announced that it would be Pope with the name of Juan XXII, adding: “I want you to advertise to the Carmelites and their members: those who wear since the scapular, keep as chastity with your State, and pray the Divine Office, – or which do not know read is refrain of eating meat them Wednesday and Saturday -, If van to the purgatory I will do that as soon as possible, especially the Saturday after his death, their souls are taken to heaven”.

In summary: Saturday's privilege is that the Blessed Virgin will get out of purgatory immediately, especially on Saturday after his death, with the scapular and during his life have died who have kept chastity according to their status and prayed daily a prayer such as the Rosary or other (the liturgy of the hours, the abstinence from meat them Wednesday and Saturday…).


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