Celebration of the 50 years with opening and blessing of the South Patio

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Last Friday 24 June, festivity of San Juan Bautista, in the Church of San Juan del Hospital we have been party: have commemorated the 50 years of the restoration of the temple (Since then entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei), as well as the blessing and opening of the former medieval cemetery (Southern patio). For this reason, the Archbishop of Valencia concelebró a solemn Eucharistic Celebration, accompanied of the Choir Windward.

The Rector of San Juan del Hospital addressed a few words to assist themNTS and eauthor of the project architect l - Jorge García Valldecabres- He conveyed his satisfaction on behalf of all those who have participated in the work of recovery, and the great honor of having been able to participate in this ambitious project that has been developed during 20 years. It was the year 1967 "when I visited it for the first time accompanying my father - he has designated Valldecabres-; I remember that the patio was small, the Fund had an an old workshop shed, and around, everything was covered with overlapping buildings".

Architect Jorge Garcia V.Recovery work has been carried out by a team of professionals from different disciplines in the field of the restoration, whose technical management has been in charge of the Institute of heritage restoration, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). It has also made a valuable contribution the direction General of culture of the Generalitat Valenciana, with the support provided by the staff of the technical services of archaeology and architecture.

In the restoration of the cemetery has prioritized, in accordance with the guidelines of the Director Plan of temple, the conservation of the architectural structures of the 13th and 14th centuries, possessing a singular value, as we move that was for more than five centuries the Medieval cemetery of the hospital set. In fact, According to studies, recent, It can be said that It is the only urban cemetery of these features It has arrived at our days.

The funeral chapel has recovered, the burials in arcosolios and the crypt of the Empress Constanza de Grecia. In the central space, the discoidal stelae have been rescued, burial slabs and have been marked the position of the mounds.

Patio 1In this cemetery rest many of the families who accompanied the King Jaime I in the conquest of the city of Valencia: the Arnau de Roma, the Peramola, the March, the Benet… Also, the burials of the families of guilds and brotherhoods are as the tailors, the Sogueros, or the Vergers. In the basement of the courtyard is found items belonging to cultures earlier, as the spine of the Roman circus and a small Islamic source.

However, Although much has become, Yet much remains to be done according to Valldecabres: "there is pending recovery and cleaning of the wall paintings, the decorative elements of the arcosolios, the tombstones and shields, provide access to the crypt and define the exhibition project for public visits and training workshops, allow the full dissemination of the set. At the moment the collaboration of experts in these matters is needed; people with anxiety, with a desire to publicize and disseminate the culture, take the baton and continue to contribute ideas, work and media".

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At the end of the Eucharistic ceremony, the Archbishop has prayed a funeral prayer at the entrance of the cemetery, and then participants have accessed the South Patio, where have the small singers of Valencia offered a magnificent concert.


You can visit the Church of San Juan de el Hospital for free whenever you want.

To access the old urban cemetery (SOUTHERN PATIO) with its partial restoration, and until an official plan of public tours will be organized, will be assisted by interns of the degrees in art history (UV) Conservation and restoration of cultural property (UPV).

Visiting hours scheduled for the moment is as follows:

From Monday to Friday: of 11:30 to 13:30. Price 1 €.
Groups: other times on request by calling to the Church (Tel. 96 3922965)

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Last VIDEO el Hospital de San Juan.

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