Celebration S. Antonio Abad and Divina Pastora (Barquisimeto, Venezuela)


Sunday 17 January coincided with the feast of S. Antonio abad, Patron Saint of animals, and after the mass of children of 12 the Rector of S. Juan de el Hospital - D. Carlos C.- He blessed the pets of all who wanted to bring them: dogs, cats, etc.

Divina Pastora Barquisimeto


Also joined the mass of 12 a group of Venezuelans to celebrate the “Divina Pastora“, image venerated at the shrine of Santa Rosa and Patron Saint of Barquisimeto. Each 14 January is held there a mass Marian procession, It is considered one of the largest worldwide, where the image comes out of his temple, and is carried on shoulders to the Cathedral of Barquisimeto.




In the afternoon, After the mass of 20 h, There was chocolate to celebrate the end of the Christmas holidays (This land is said to be now when complete "Easter), beginning of the year and classes, etc.

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