Christmas celebrations

From the Church of San Juan of the Hospital we wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS! to all and remember some acts these days:

  • The day of Christmas Eve (Saturday 24) We will have midnight mass (to the 24 h) and then we will celebrate Christmas with carols and champagne.
  • The Sunday 25, day of Christmas, After the mass of 12 h pages of the Magi will collect the letters from children with their requests before the day 6.
  • The Friday 30 We celebrate the Sagrada Familia and held a consecration of the families at each mass.. In addition, to the 19 h there will be a blessing for grandparents - in the presence of their grandchildren- , that is repeated the Sunday 31 After mass of 12. We will ask for all the families of the world, and we leave the sentence proposed by father Francisco at the beginning of the year of the family.
  • The Saturday 31 of December (new year's Eve) tendremos también Misa de medianoche (24 h) to give thanks for the year that ends. Then there will be grapes and champagne to celebrate the beginning of the 2017. They will pray also the prayer “Te Deum” Thanksgiving.
  • Epiphany of the Lord (6 January): in the mass for children (12h) habrá fiesta de los Reyes Magos.

They are fantastic days to clean the soul through the sacrament of penance and thus prepare ourselves well for the arrival of Jesus. There will be priests confessing these days in the confessionals.

The Church greeting christmas card is the winner of the 1st prize in the contest of this year (Rodrigo Martín Martínez).

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