Workshops for training and exchange of employment

 chool mothers 2Since the year 1995 San Juan de el Hospital offers a series of workshops aimed to improve the training of persons and facilitate their future placement, mainly to women of origin different (Morocco, Syria, Uruguay, Honduras, Venezuela, Algeria, Guinea, Ecuador, Peru, Portugal, Bolivia…). They are taught by volunteers and are usually the following:

Training workshops

– Sewing workshop

– Spanish workshops -3 levels-

– European nationality/culture workshop

– English workshop

Also be taught a workshop of character fun (painting), Wednesdays, directed by Mavi.

Employment exchangeschool mothers 1

We have a job board for contacting people who have formed in our workshops, with employers offering a job to perform various tasks and needs. First a personal interview is carried out - in which
personal data and availability / needs of each student- and it is monitored and known through their attendance at the different workshops. Also is check the references provided from previous jobs.

Contact: Maite Comella

Food handler course

Throughout the year, the College of Veterinarians of Valencia, as impart joint cooperation- various editions of the course of manipulative of food-with the certificate corresponding- for people who want to participate and obtain the degree.

Fill in and send the following form: