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Practically since its inception, the Church of San Juan of the Hospital has shown a concern practice by the people more disadvantaged of its environment, developing diverse actions solidarity that affect in a number growing from people and their families.

"During many years is called"School of mothers"the initiative which trained more of" 1.400 Women on kinds of kitchen, cleaning, Spanish, culture, hygiene and values human, etc.

More later, in the year 1995, It constituted the Association of volunteer el Hospital de San Juan (No. 7256), to give coverage legal to them people that came devoting part of his time to collaborate through the different workshops and actions; In addition, is were putting up other activities of support and collaboration with different entities. Some of the activities and beneficiaries attended throughout these years have been:

  • Tons of food distributed among people / families in situation of need.
  • Delivery of more than 2 thousand toys
  • More than 2 thousand costumes, dresses, etc. assigned to children, babies and adults
  • Shipping of containers solidarity to Nigeria and Zaire

Increasingly those involved as Volunteers, both in training workshops and other actions taken in collaboration with various entities.

The father Francisco, with more than 2.000 Volunteers gathered in Rome, He said to them: “You are called to interpret these signs of the times and become a tool of the role of the poor”. To do so - he recalled- “It is necessary to promote solidarity and peace” (December 2014).

Here we want to reflect something of what is made from the Church of San Juan del Hospital, encouraging many people to collaborate.

For more information You can call the Church: 96 3922965 (Josemaria or ask Maite C.) or write to:

(Attention to the public Monday through Thursday 10 a 12h).

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