Colombians are celebrating the Virgin of Carmen

VALENCIA, 16 JUL. (AVAN).- Colombian residents in Valencia will commemorate Sunday 2 from August to the Virgen del Carmen, "whose name they have a particular devotion", with the celebration of a Eucharist and dances in the Church of San Juan de el Hospital de Valencia, as he has indicated today the Agency AVAN rector, Carlos Cremades.

The celebrations, It will count with the paSan Juan Hospital chanceldeshomosex of the consul of Colombia in Valencia, Jorge Felipe Sánchez Carreño, they will start at the 17 hours, with the mass whose term, the outer Court of the Church will host a representation of Colombian dances after the words which the consul direct to everyone.

Colombians "have a great devotion to the Virgen del Carmen, Once carriers and drivers of Colombia adopted as Patron Saint for protection and intercession attributed to him in dangerous situations".

The initiative has been driven, on the occasion today of the feast of the Virgin of Carmen, and, for the first time, the Church of San Juan de el Hospital for the purpose of "bring immigrants to the celebrations of the churches in Valencia and that to continue sharing your faith", According to rector, that added there is also scheduled already for the month of August and for the next academic year other celebrations with Bolivians, Venezuelan, Ecuadorians and Mexicans. (AVAN)

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