Contest: “Color the images of San Juan del Hospital”

Dear children, we have thought this activity for you: “color the images of San Juan del Hospital”. You can use waxes (take them out punta before), or colored pencils, and dare to mix colors and cast shadows. You will see how nice!!

Click on each photograph and the image will open. You can download and print it and it is ready for coloring.

You can color one, the ones you like the most or all!

Among all the drawings presented, a jury will choose the winner, whose prize will be a magnificent backpack with surprise inside!

The deadline for submission of drawings is the day 24 June, Feast of Saint John the Baptist, head of our church.

Drawings can be delivered by hand in the office, indicating on the reverse: Name, surnames, age and phone. Also sending it by email to, ask your parents how to scan it.

The colored drawings will be exhibited in San Juan del Hospital and we will also publish them on our social networks.


Virgen del Milagro (Transit)

Virgen del Milagro (Presbytery)














Virgin student

Santa Barbara


The Virgin

Cristo de las Peñas














San Juan

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