Communication and equality

Next Friday 24 March at 21 h have a new training session for boyfriends and imparted marriages Celia Zafra. Based on the film “The winner” Jane Anderson, discussed various scenes. As in the previous session, promises a very interesting and enriching around equal dialogue and communication between partners, among other issues. It is expected to finish towards the 22 o 22.15 h.

the winner 1The winner
The real story is taken from a book about the life of Evelyn Ryan mother of ten children and home Catholic Irishman, written by his daughter Terry “Tuff” Ryan. Evelyn was married to Kelly, a frustrated man for having been cut short a possible career. Although it was not a bad guy, Kelly was clumsy in his act and much of his salary was spent on drink, he turned irate. Always with financial burdens, Evelyn became the solid foundation of the family; first, for his fans in the years 50 and 60 the game shows of all kinds, of those who became true expert, to the point that winning awards-from toasters to a trip to Switzerland, going through a shopping cart with everything you could get inside- they managed to get the greatest distress.

Not tell you more so you can enjoy live session.

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