Concert “A day of light” in charge of l´almodi Cor de Cambra

choir 8 Almodis

Next Sunday 10 April to the 17 h, L´almodi Cor de Cambra will give a concert in S. Juan de el Hospital with a program named as “A day of light”, in which each piece is chosen with extreme care, trying to tell / sing a small everyday history through music.

daniel the bridge

The concert will lead it Daniel de la Puente, one of the most sought-after Choir Directors today thanks to its versatility in addressing different repertoires and their ability to adapt to work with groups of different configurations and qualities.

We leave the description of the Program:

We will begin, almost by surprise, with a shocking piece of James MacMillan entitled Or Radiant Dawn. There are few better ways to describe a Sun that will illuminate us all during this day trip, for the good and the less good.

The day itself will inaugurate it with Morgenlied of Rheinberger, and we will close the circle at the end of the concert with a piece closely linked to this song of the morning, belonging to the same opus number and it is called Abendlied. In it, the Liechtenstein composer describes, musical textures through the time of sunset, without light or darkness, almost in darkness…

In a slightly more mystical tone, I propose to deal with the first part of the morning with O Nata Lux of Lauridsen. If we think of the everyday life of a hundred years ago or you want to enter in the rites of any day of a few centuries ago, This song dedicated to the office of lauds, simply, perfect.

And here we go, with a tone much more profane and playful, the first series of songs, romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, whose language in vocal music, both solo and choir, It marks a new milestone in the history of music after the giant Johann Sebastian Bach.

We are moving towards the middle of the day, looking a bit beyond the mountains, Mendelssohn music, for women, in preparation of the centerpiece of our concert: Richte mich Gott. We have chosen this piece as the epicenter for two reasons that have to do with the text: It recalls the concept of "justice" that we have introduced in the first part: "Sun of Justice, come and gives your light to those who wander in the shadows", and at its fullest, it says "send us your light!”.

From here, We go back down to the ground with three Lieder Brahms selected by the singers of the choir. They refer to the nature, the smell of Rosemary, Sunset in the Woods… Walk with us.

Almost finish with Wasserfahrt, whose first paragraph makes reference to the image of a city with its towers that appears on the horizon when the sun sets…

And, walking alone, We will close the circle with Abendlied: "Lord, stay with us, that is approaching the night".

Color Almidi

The L´almodi Chamber Choir is integrated by 8 young singers with a wide choral experience as components or employees of several ensembles of renown, as the Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana, the choir holder of the Teatro Real in Madrid, the Cor of the Gran Teatre del Liceu or the Orfeón Donostiarra, among others. Since its inception, it is run by Óscar Payá Prats.

He has participated in various festivals and musical events both nationally and internationally. He has conducted symphonic concerts under the direction of Raúl Mallavibarrena, Juan Pablo Hellin, Daniel Martinez Gil Tejada or Aldo Sisillo, among others. Participates as a choir of reinforcement in the edition of 2008 of participatory Messiah organized by La Caixa in the Palau de la Música of Valencia, together with The English Concert under the direction of Harry Bicket.

He frequently collaborates with groups of ancient and Baroque music, among which was mainly his work with Capella de Ministrers, directed by Carles Magraner (Next he has participated in projects in Spain and Europe); Harmony of the Parnas, under the direction of Marian Rosa Montagut, or the Group of medieval music Evo, Efrén López Manager. In the field of Gregorian chant has been advised and directed by Daniel Saulnier.

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