Children's Drawing Contest “Christmas” 2022

One year all the children's first communion catechesis, next to those who attend to mass them Sunday in San Juan of the Hospital, They can participate in this contest on Christmas ending on Monday 29 November. The Church of San Juan of the Hospital will compliment the Christmas this year with the image of the card winner.


– Drawings will be held on DIN A4 sheet, free technique

– Can participate all the children that attend to the catechesis of first communion and to the mass of Sunday in San Juan of the Hospital. A drawing by participant may only be made (with name and surname).

– It will have in has the value artistic and religious of the drawings, as well as the technique and the representation of the subject. Its failure is will make public in the plank of announcements of San Juan of the Hospital.

– The drawings will remain as property of San Juan de el Hospital, that you can play them and expose them publicly.

Date of delivery: last day Thursday 24 November. Prizes will be awarded and will present on Sunday 27 November. also they will present on Monday 28 November.


The first, second and third prize will have a gift surprise.

The first prize is printed as greeting of Christmas of the Church of S. Juan de el Hospital


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