Conference – Evolution or Creation: What I differ monkey?

The next Thursday, 21 September at 20.30, will begin a series of conferences: “IT IS REASONABLE TO BELIEVE”, in which topics will be discussed on faith, the society, the pain, if there is something after death, if there was Jesus Christ etc..impartidas by professional experts who will address the issue raised in each session.

This first conference is titled: Evolution or Creation: What I differ monkey? given by Isabel P. Richart (psychologist, Professor of CEU – Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia).

This cycle is aimed at young people who want to deepen, have questions or do not think about some aspects of the Christian faith.

Creation and evolution

I anticipate the calendar of the following conferences to be held every third Thursday of the month during the course 2017-2018. We will keep you ahead of announcing the rapporteur of each session:

  • Is there really God or we invented? 19 October 2017.
  • The pain: Can a good God allow evil in the world? 16 November 2017.
  • multicultural society and global world. Is there a true religion and others do not? 21 of December 2017.
  • Is there something after death? 19 January 2018.
  • Was there truly Jesus Christ? An analysis of his personality. Adolfo Alonso Durá. 15 February 2018.
  • Church scandals: Walls or help believing? 15 March 2018.
  • And why that's going to be bad? Among the dictatorship of relativism and religious fundamentalism 19 of April 2018.
  • Is there anything wrong with pleasure?
  • Chastity: ¿Madness or happiness in love? 17 may 2018.
  • ¿Praying is good for something? 21 June 2018.



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