Conference: ¿Praying is good for something?

The next Thursday 21 June at 20.30, within the Lecture: "You Believe". we the session entitled: ¿Praying is good for something? , Beatriz will give Ródenas the Tolosa (PhD in English Philology, professor and researcher at the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Valencia)

Some questions we ask about it and to be discussed at the session:

  • What is Prayer? Does prayer is good for something? Do I lose time praying? Can be effective?
  • How we pray? How do I know that I pray well? How do I know my words are not hollow, empty? "I hear nothing, to me nothing to me "" I do not even know how to talk to God "
  • Believing is a feeling, It is a thought, It depends on my mood? Am I willing to let him into my life, or just seek comfort in emergencies?
  • How do I prepare my body and my soul to pray? What moves my heart? ¿Praying can be momentous in my life? Does prayer moves me to action?
  • Does prayer can make me happy? What are the consequences of prayer?

This cycle is aimed at young people who want to deepen, have questions or do not think about some aspects of the Christian faith.

Praying is good for something

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