Conference: And why that's going to be bad? Among the dictatorship of relativism and religious fundamentalism

The next Thursday 19 of April, in the Lecture Series: "You Believe", the session entitled: And why that's going to be bad? Among the dictatorship of relativism and religious fundamentalism. The imparts Aniceto Masferrer (Professor of History of Law at the University of Valencia).

– “Happiness requires authenticity, and for that one must be able to act freely”. If this is so, To what extent it is possible to be happy following some moral norms? Would not it be better than everyone else theirs was created, rather than someone else's imposed from outside?

– “Being a believer an obstacle to be happy because you can not think for free or do whatever you want. It constitutes, in fact, a limit to personal liberty. It is preferable, because, not have faith, and thus enjoy more freedom and power, so, be happier”. Is it correct that approach?

– “Believers can not seek to impose their moral standards of society as a whole, because non-believers, or non-practitioners- They do not have to share”. Is it an unacceptable and intolerable show of fundamentalism that a believer promote legal reforms to achieve a more consistent moral law?

These are some of the issues that will be subject to a first analysis, and then enriching colloquium, moderated by a student of law from a philosophical ethical-historical and comparative perspective.

This cycle is aimed at young people who want to deepen, have questions or do not think about some aspects of the Christian faith.


I anticipate the following conferences to be held every third Thursday of the month:

  • Chastity: ¿Madness or happiness in love? Maria Lorente (Industrial engineering. It is specializing in family planning). 17 may 2018.
  • ¿Praying is good for something? Beatriz Ródenas Tolosa (PhD in English Philology, professor and researcher at the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Valencia). 21 June 2018.
  • multicultural society and global world. Is there a true religion and others do not?


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