Pre-marital workshops


The pre-marital workshops they can be in any parish/church, According to the dates and modalities in which impart them (weekly, intensive weekend, etc.).

InSan Juan of the hospital are held throughout all the year, specifically the first full week of the month (see agenda below) from Monday to Friday -both weekdays and holidays-, of 20:30 to 21:30 hours. On Friday at the end of the session an aperitif is shared among all before the delivery of the certificates.

For those who are not confirmed, the week following the workshops (and also 20:30 to 21:30 hours) some intensive catechesis are taught to receive confirmation on next date.

The personal presence in the office we recommend to book date to get married in San Juan de el Hospital (+34 96 392 29 65, and, to the extent possible, talk with the Rector or any of the priests Church.

Cursillos agenda:

Monday: "Liturgy of the Sacrament of Marriage"

Tuesday: "Sacrament of marriage” (After class on this day, a group photo will be taken of those who want).

Wednesday: "Sexuality. Natural Family Planning ” (An envelope with material and class scripts will be distributed).

Thursday: "Human virtues and coexistence"

Friday: "The problems in marriage"(At the end of the class, the certificates and the photograph will be distributed, while the course closes with a "tortilla skewer and soda").

* * *

We clarify that both the materials that are delivered and the photography are not charged, but we would appreciate your collaboration as far as you can and want. For this you can deposit the contribution in the small envelope that is distributed with the materials. Thanks for your assistance.

Informative note: 

Sundays at 20:00 hours is celebrated in this church of S. Juan del Hospital, youth mass, to which you are all invited.

We also invite you to the continuation classes of the premarital courses,(classes for boyfriends and recent marriages) that are taught once a month on the 4th Friday of 20:30 a 21:30 hours.

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Registration form to carry out the premarital courses:


Premarital calendar courses for the year 2023-24 is as follows:

02 al 06October 05 al 09February 03 al 07June
06 al 10November 04 al 08March 01 al 05July
04 al 08December 01 al 05April 05 to the 09 August
08 al 12January 06 al 10May 02 al 06September

Date confirmation catechesis adults in 2023 – 2024

For those who are not confirmed, the week following the workshops (with the same schedule of 20:30 to 21:30 hours), intensive catechesis was taught to receive confirmation on next date.

09 al 13October 12 al 16February 10 to the 14 June
13 to the 17 November 11 al 15March 08 to the 12 July
11 al 15December  08 al 12April 12 al 16August
15 al 19January 13 al 17May 09 al 13September