from Poland

In late April we wrote a Polish family telling us that every year is accustomed to offer a Mass in July for his family and children, since by this time birthday coincides almost all family members and this year would be in Spain, specifically in Valencia.
A few days ago came the family Walkuski ( (Jaqueline, Miguel, Patricia, Monica, Nicolas and Ana) and before Mass they were all talking quietly with the rector, He was also present grandmother. They told D. Carlos who just celebrated his 14 wedding anniversary and wanted to take this opportunity to give thanks for their marriage and all the good they have received in these years.
We just sent an email telling us that they are back in Poland, already they miss Spain and wistfully recall their stay in San Juan del Hospital, conversation with D. Carlos and especially the Mass. We send us and we show pictures of those moments.
from Poland. July 2019
from Poland. July 2019

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