Different invocations of the Virgin Mary in San Juan

As we continue in October, a special month dedicated to the Virgin (in his invocation to the Virgin of the Rosary), en esta ocasión os describimos un poco de historia sobre las diferentes Invocations of the Virgin Mary SAN JUAN WAS IN HOSPITAL

Images of the Virgin Mary who is venerated in San Juan, as contained in various texts:

Our Sra. Miracle: S. XIII. Located in the transition from the early days of the foundation of the historic complex. Bernardo testament Dalmau, of 1254. It is located in the museum Seo.
Original Virgen del Milagro
Our Sra. of hope, benefit dated 1777

Our Lady of Victory (description of a brother in the s. XVI, which places it in Transit)

Virgen del Pilar: Oil inside the church.

Image design: Located in the Chapel Castrense, s. 18-18

NTRA. SRA. remedy: First chapel on the south side after the exit to Patio. Previously Chapel of St. Dionysus and Sta. Berenguer Margarita or Peramola.

Virgen de los Desamparados: The first news is the s. XVI, I was in transit, later in 1746, in the chapel of San Miguel Archangel.

La Virgen de la Pena. (or Pera). Small icon in Traffic, next to Christ of Sorrows.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary: Oil inside the church.


Our Sra. Miracle: Two stone carvings. One is the work of José Roig, conducted at the end of the decade of the 70. It is located in the Transit entry into the only original chapel s. XIII that conserves.

The other sculpture, Also in stone, is the work of J. Esteve Edó s late. XX. Located in the presbytery.
Virgen del MilagroVirgen del Milagro

Our Lady of Students: S. XIV. Located in the chapel at the end of the ship or narthex. Hatched ancient atrium, that became chapels in the expansion of the church, in the S. XIV – XV.

It was acquired in Rada de Haro, Cuenca, in the early 70 the last century, It was abandoned in a woodshed.
Virgin student

Our Lady of the Forsaken: Carving s. XVIII reproduces the features of the original image of Our Lady. of the Forsaken. Montalt donated by the family in s. XX.

Virgen de los Desamparados
Our Lady of Sorrows. three images:

One is a sculpture, originally carved in wood, in the nineteenth century. Reproduced following damage in the s. XX.

The other pictures are oil paintings of the Virgin Mary in her traditional representation as Our Lady of Sorrows.
Virgen Dolorosa

Virgen del Pilar. Replica of the authentic image found in Zaragoza. his feast day is exposed.

Also there is a painting with the image of the Virgen del Pilar.

Feast of the Virgen del Pilar. October 2018

Immaculate Virgin: two images: Tiny statue of the Virgin in the baroque altarpiece of the Royal Chapel of Sta. Barbara.

Talla de principios del s. XX which is depicted with the attributes that always accompany according to the description of Revelation: "a woman… la luna a sus pies y sobre su cabeza una corona de doce estrellas”. And the Genesis: "A woman will crush your head…” Se encuentra en la sacristía y se expone durante la novena de la Inmaculada, which concludes with the Solemnity 8 of December.
Virgen de la Inmaculada

Madonna with Child Jesus: del s. XVII-XVIII, from Huesca. Enthroned in the neomudejar s oratorio work. XX, Angels surrounded ceramic altarpiece.

Image of Virgin with Child Jesus, s. XVIII in the auxiliary chapel of the church

Guadalupe's Virgin: Large oil, presides as retablo, the auxiliary oratory of the multipurpose room on the first floor.
Guadalupe's Virgin

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