Sunday 12-VII: Blessing of all kinds of vehicles

As it has become traditional, the Sunday nearest to the feast of San Cristóbal (10 July), It will take place in the Church and after the mass for children, the blessing of vehicles. This year for the first time all kinds of vehicles can reach this blessing: skates, bicycles, baby carts, Doll prams, electric cars, tricycles, etc.

Also the keys of cars you can bless, motorcycle, etc.

The blessing will take place at the end of the mass for children, around 12 o'clock ’ 30 h.

San CristobalWho was St. Kitts?

San Cristóbal, martyr, Patron Saint of drivers. The legend of this Saint is summarized in the etymology of his name.

It is a licentious youth, Pagan, He travels the world in search of happiness, but it is concerned to find the truth and silence your conscience, It chides him their deviations. He begins to serve and finds no no master content and satisfy their aspirations.

One day, After much struggle for the world, It does raillery the same Jesus Christ figure of gentle child who wants to pass a river. The giant takes him in her arms and, arriving at the shore, Jesus is discovered him and makes him; Christopher is baptized and found the happiness that I was looking for. The story makes him soldier of the army of the Emperor Cordiano.

It becomes in the reign of the Emperor Philip and asaeteado died in the persecution of Decius, Licia, s. III. According to the Mozarabic rite, with him they endured ten thousand Christian.

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