Sunday 21 October – DOMUND: World Mission Sunday

The Domund It is the day, in a special way, the universal church prays for the missionaries and collaborates with missions. October penultimate Sunday is celebrated around the world, the "month of the missions". This year 2018 It has chosen the slogan, “Change the world“. The change that promotes Domund comes from the heart where God has entered. From a heart that loves is overcome selfishness, It will stop thinking only in their own needs and begin to think about the needs of others. "The transmission of faith, heart of the mission of the Church, It is performed by the "contagion" of love, in which joy and enthusiasm express the discovery of the meaning and fullness of life. The propagation of the faith by attraction requires open hearts, distended by love ", Francisco says Pope in his Message for World Mission Day.

Last donations of children of First Communion of San Juan del Hospital Year, They collected more than 1,000 € and one of the prelature mission that is entrusted with the Diocese of Valencia in Peru were sent.


Sunday 21, after finishing Mass 12h, a rosary will be given away to each of the children attending.

Domund 2018



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