Monday 22 of July – St. Mary Magdalene

Pope Francisco raised the feast of Mary Magdalene (22 July) a party category in the year 2016.

Mary Magdalene is beside the Virgin Mary at the foot of the cross (Jn 19,25). After Saturday, when it was still dark approaches to the grave, sees the stone removed and warns Pedro, thinking someone had stolen the body of Jesus (Jn 20,1-2). Back to the tomb she is crying and meets Jesus resurrected, who commissioned him the disciples announce his return to the Father (Jn 20,11-18). That is his glory. For this reason, the tradition of the Church has called in the East "equal-to-apostles" (As an apostle) and the West "apostola apostolorum" (apostle of apostles). In the East there is a tradition that was buried in Ephesus and that her relics were taken to Constantinople in the ninth century.

Do you know that the relationship is between the funeral chapel of King D. Jaime de San Juan del Hospital and Maria Magdalena?:
The funeral chapels of the Hospital have a particular type of construction in part by biblical tradition. Usually free they Surrounded by orchards.
They are actually chapels / deposits for the dead. I.e., in an annex to the hood enclosure, They are aseaban and prepared for burial. Then they moved into the chapel for the funeral and left a while (to move to pity passersby and to produce alms), then they buried. The similarity with the Holy Tomb of Christ is evident. among orchards…
Hence they have become very often these chapels the invocation of Sta. Mary Magdalene, first to find Christ among the orchards.
The first large church of the Hospital in Jerusalem also is named. It is located next to the pool of Bethsaida.

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