World Mission Sunday – DOMUND


  • The Domund is the name that is known in Spain World Mission Day, which is held annually in the universal Church. The objective of Domund is to make visible the universal dimension of the mission of the Church and move the hearts of all to share faith and charity with the poorest Churches. Thanks to donations from Domund, the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples addresses, through OMP, the needs of 1.113 mission territories. Note outstanding collection of Domund is reciprocity. All Churches help all churches. They contribute less economically poor and the rich more, but they all have something to give and something to receive. In addition to material aid, Prayer is essential for mission. Missionaries have the prayer of the whole Church. The Domund is a privileged opportunity to look back with gratitude to the near 13.000 Spanish missionaries who are in mission territories.
  • In San Juan de el Hospital, plus many sweethearts who married in our church and make donations that are intended to poorer churches, catechetical children when they will receive their First Communion, also bring a donation (out of pocket, no dads). Last year he went to the "Missionaries of Jesus Word and Victim" in Peru.
  • On Monday 23 at 18pm, parents of children in catechesis, They will have a meeting with the rector on “The transmission of faith in the family”.

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