Roman Circus Valentia. An unexpected finding

A few months ago he opened, for public visits, the medieval crypt located in the South Patio of the Joint H. s. Juan de el Hospital de Valencia, in the background showing the spina of the Roman circus Valentia s. III. The rector of the historic, D. Carlos Cremades, he wished to present and explain the act Valencian archeologist Albert Ribera Lacomba, expert in Roman archeology among other things. But then Albert was in archaeological campaigns in Pompeii and elsewhere in the Mediterranean and it was not possible.

Yesterday afternoon we had the pleasure of listening and that crumbled us that is a Roman circus, characteristics depending on where, its uses and ornamentation, etc. And, Of course, He told us about the Roman circus of Valentia introducing us hit with a phrase: "We are in the Circus ... here in S. Juan del Hospital ".

So is, under our feet and not very deep, Ribera it is according to three meters and less sand walls, the largest Roman building in the city of s is. III would be Valencia. Its dimensions are 300 m. of length 70 m. Wide. Holds a 10.000 viewers. Like a giant puzzle were appearing throughout the decades of 80 and 90, Roman remains replanteaban dimension and amurallamiento city, because it did not fit into what was known and assumed whatsoever in the s. III.

The first flights of steps and raised doubts; to find later, in the square of Naples and Sicily the "carceres" or boxers output quadrigae, It took shape with greater certainty the possibility that there had been a circus. The Circular Ruins, or header, in excavations on the back street of the Real Colegio del Patriarca practically concretized building dimensions, and the discovery in San Juan del Hospital confirmed circus spina all with the peculiar factory mortar and gravel, to hold water in the center, the width of its walls and exact location.

It was a very enjoyable exhibition, educational and full of interest, by comparisons and anecdotes with which he was narrating the differences and similarities with other circuses of the Spanish geography and Mediterranean. He introduced the act D. Jesús Gil, Vice Chancellor of the temple and journalist. Albert Ribera accompany a wine of honor in Southern Patio, near the descent to the crypt and the remains of Roman spina. Many people came to see and hear the explanations that Ribera was able to "in situ", in the circus, as we said at the beginning.

Historia Spina Roman Circus:

Conference: "The Roman Circus Valentia. An unexpected find ". May 2019

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