The Cristo de Sant Bult visit San Juan Hospital

Next Sunday 2 June, to the 19.15 h, visit S. Juan de el Hospital Romanesque image of the Christ Sant Bult (from the Latin word "vultus" which means 'image of Christ'), found in the year of the conquest of the Kingdom of Valencia by Jaime I. The procession will leave the Church of Santo Tomás and will stop in San Juan de el Hospital, where is will you sing and then continue their journey. happiness procession will enter and exit through the South Patio. (enter all but the horses).

The picture of Sant Bult He was having altars in different churches in the city (in the Valencian Seu, the image was patron of the sacristans of the Cathedral) and he was also living in the Church of San Juan de el Hospital, where in the century XVI won le the cross of Malta - typical of the hospital pictures-, as well as in other churches including San Esteban and the Temple. Today, on the occasion of the festivities, the image is saved during a night in the parish of Santo Tomás and San Felipe Neri.

The tradition of the Xerea around devotion to Christ Sant Bult He remained unchanged over the years despite belonging to the core of traditional festivals from the leasehold period. Mid-nineteenth century abundant documentation on the "Association of Sant Bult" which was the entity responsible for making the holidays and depositaries image is preserved. In its Statutes, countersigned by the Governor of the time, It stipulated, for example, that the image could not spend more than 24 hours inside a church grounds, and that the residents of the Xerea parties were obliged to pay taxes annually to Sant Bult. Sant Bult Association would continue until 1951, year in which he founded the “Home School Sant Bult”, situated at En Blanch.

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