The shield of San Juan del Hospital

EscudoSJHThe shield of the Church of San Juan del Hospital is dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Our Sra. Miracle), perhaps one of the wall paintingsfirst images that came into the Christian Valencia. S. XIII. Also stars were painted at that time, we can see that the murals in the Chapel of San Miguel, where a river runs glass, or terrestrial sky, with real constellations.

The three stars of the shield are the top stars of the constellation “crown borealis” o “Crown of the Virgin”. It is a constellation in the northern hemisphere
which it is located on the constellation Serpens, (on the stars representing the head). Hence the biblical reference to the Virgin is so pretty on the wall paintings: “… and a woman will crush your head and you will strike his heel…” (opposite is the crucifixion).

Shield profile is also medieval, the shape of the shields evolved from the simplest as a simple circle, the most baroque. San Juan is the primitive medieval: oval or lanceolate.

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