In the “Hangouts cycle” We talk about personal brand…

In the “Hangouts cycle” aimed at young professionals, the next Thursday 22 March at 20.30 hours, Guijarro Luis Hernandez will talk about Visibility, Personal brand Positive influence on Linkedin.
It can help expand your contacts, gain visibility into the network and create image Personal Brand. It may be time to discover this digital tool!

Immediately afterwards there will be a small “picaeta”. If you dare to come by WhatsApp alerts to 653603745 we indicate to you what you could bring to sting, and among all we take charge.

Luis Hernandez GUIJARRO
Economist, European Financial Analyst and consultant specializing in social environmental issues, Corporate Governance and Social Impact. Fund manager Socially Responsible and Ethical Solidarity Funds. Member of the Board of Valencia the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts (IEAF) and Corporate Governance Club.


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