“Surrender, in a ceaseless and divine silence, at the service of all souls ”

Augusto Cruañes Cruañes, Chaplain of the church of San Juan of the Hospital of Valencia, Opus Dei prelature belonged to the clergy. He was born in Jávea in 1942. He asked for admission to Opus Dei in 1963, and worked as a journalist until 1988 the prelate of Opus Dei called him to the priesthood. From that date he exercised his ministerial work in the church of San Juan del Hospital de Valencia. He was a Doctor of Information Sciences and Canon Law. His death was due to an inoperable cancer that was recently discovered. I was very well prepared, and he went to heaven very calm and very peaceful, well accompanied by yours.

The great teacher of journalists, Carlos Soria, claimed that journalism is the best profession in the world. This is what the good man of Augustus thought in those years of exercising his profession, with great professional expertise and a very human doing. At the same time, he delved into what journalism is with various treaties.

One day he discovered something in which I disagree with the great master Carlos Sonia. It's true and for Professor Soria the best profession in the world is journalism. but for me this statement is true if you consider that mine, the priestly, it's even better.

When Augustus receives the call to the priesthood from the then prelate of Opus Dei, the now blessed Álvaro del Portillo, realized this statement of mine. A few days after being ordained a priest, a friend of his asked him if he is not sorry to quit journalism.. D. Augustus with that smile of his answered him: "Look only with the confession that I have received since I was ordained, it has already been worth being a priest".

Since then, Augustus made those words of the founder of Opus Dei a reality regarding those members of the Work who after exercising their profession for years receive priestly ordination. "They will be ordered, at your service. Not to send, not to shine, but to surrender, in a ceaseless and divine silence, at the service of all souls ”.

If something has characterized Don Augusto's pastoral exercise it has been precisely that being in the background, going on hidden, in short in that incessant and divine silence, at the service of all souls. During these days we have been able to witness the enormous affection of so many people who have benefited from the pastoral work of Don Augusto: so many hours of confessional, so many sacraments administered. so many visits to the sick. so many openings of heart that have always found peace. Always in a second place, but when the situation became critical, discreetly, Don Augusto appeared and solved the problem.

Great expert in practical liturgy he always acted as master ceremonies wherever he was. We all knew that the ceremony would be celebrated correctly and with dignity. That is why God will have received him with infinite affection because he has lived with extreme delicacy those words that he learned from Saint Josemaría “I think that people who put love in everything that refers to worship, that make the Churches are dignified and decently preserved and clean, the glowing altars, neat and neat sacred ornaments, God will look at them with special affection, and will more easily overlook their weaknesses, because they show in those details that they believe and love ”.

Many feel that they have been orphaned by Don Augusto's rapid departure. But nevertheless, they are certain that from heaven he will intercede in a very particular way for each one of us and for Saint John of the hospital.

Carlos Sanz-Pastor Cremades

Rector of the Iglesia San Juan del Hospital

"Jesus Christ will go to meet him, to eternally glorify those, in the time, they always acted in his name and in his Person ” Saint Josemaría Escrivá


“Serve God, be good and do it with joy, with constancy, with humiliation. It's not about learning a trade, but to carry Christ in our hearts so that we can offer Him without reservation to others, especially to those who need it most”. Father Francisco

“Being a priest is not worth it, it's worth LIFE”. Benedicto XVI

“To be a priest is to risk your life for the Lord and for your brothers, bearing in person the joy and anguish of the People, investing time in listening to heal the wounds of others, offering to all the tenderness of the Father ”, Father Francisco.

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