Feast of St. Joseph

Saint Joseph - Chapel confessionals

Saint Joseph – Chapel confessionals. San Juan de el Hospital.

The Tuesday 19 March We celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, fair male, born of the lineage of David, which doubled power to the Son of God, Christ Jesus. The paternity of San Jose reaches not only to Jesus, but the same church that continues in the salvation of Christ mission, who is Universal patron. Patron of countless religious communities and is considered the quintessential patron of a happy death, attributing to have died in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

In Spain Saint Teresa of Avila was a great disseminator of devotion to San Jose, trusting your patronage and protection every foundation that made. But in Valencia, 65 years before coming to our holy city of Avila willing to found another convent on our soil "San José", already in 1497 the "Gremi dels Fusters" had proclaimed his employer. And there was also instituted in his honor the "cream" of their campfires day party. A popular religious feast in principle without any enhancement, until the Archbishop San Juan de Ribera in 1609 I composed the "Mass of St. Joseph" with own rite, including it in extra missal of the diocese of Valencia next to those of his three large employers, San Vicente Martir, San Vicente Ferrer and Angel Custodio. And as these, also declaring mandatory attendance at this Mass on her feast day.

Festive. Precept.


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