Feast of the Virgin of the students




Next Sunday 2 October - Festival of the Santos Angeles custodians- It is also the feast of the Virgin of students. The actions envisaged are the following:

11:50 Procession toward the Altar with the image of the Virgin, that will remain there throughout the day.

12:00 Mass of children. Then is will pray the prayer of the children to the Virgin of them students (It reads one but all will gather next to the image)

20:00 Mass of young. After the procession with the image to its Chapel. Song of the “Gaudeamus” and picaeta

As we are in the month of the Rosary, There will be blessing of Rosary after each mass..

This day is also the 88 anniversary of the Foundation of the Opus Dei, so the eve - Saturday to the 12 h- a solemn mass of Thanksgiving will be held.

The Virgin of the students-currently very visited by these- a carving on wooden polychrome, of author unknown, belonging to the 12th or 13th centuries. Was found in 1968 in the barn of a village of the province of Cuenca and donated to the Church, being restored by Barat.

This image of the seated Virgin with the child's foot, sample, in its radiant color and simple lines, the popular interpretation of other most educated forms. It highlights the contrast between the impassivity of the Virgin and the child mobility and humanization.

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